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Breakthrough hair-revitilizing
system for women

Women achieve hair that looks and feels fuller, thicker, and more luxurious by treating with Spectral.CSF rejuvenating hair formula. It stimulates follicles in the scalp — with a lighter touch.

Those concerned about thinning hair, fragile hair, or androgenic alopecia (female pattern baldness) choose this water-based hair-loss treatment to support follicle health without heavy buildup or ingredients for men.

  • Thinning-hair prevention especially for women

    Factors unique to women's hair loss include follicular bulb size, hormonal fluctuation, scalp sensitivity, and styling practices. Spectral.CSF hair-revitalizing treatment results from biologic research specific to female hair growth.

  • Light, transparent formula won't cramp your style

    Style your hair however you like. Spectral.CSF remains lighter and less visible, compared to men's antiaging hair formulas, while it delivers cutting-edge technologies to boost hair growth, fiber density, and tensile strength.

Hair and scalp take a beating from solar radiation, environmental pollutants, styling chemicals, hormones, and stress. But hair plays a huge role in women’s self-image. So the key compounds in Spectral.CSF focus on thinning-hair prevention, giving you fuller, more vibrant hair for a younger appearance.
Indicated for women’s hair shedding, breaking, aging
When every day becomes a bad hair day — getting thin, breaking short, looking old — women can arrest the signs of alopecia to restore volume, shine, and strength to hair.
Female pattern baldness: not your grandfather's hair
Unlike the typical male pattern, women's hair loss is more diffuse across the scalp and may include shedding due to hormonal fluctuation, vitamin deficiency, medication, or stress.
Advanced Nanosome ingredient delivery
Our proprietary Nanosome delivery technology encapsulates key compounds in microscopic liposomes to penetrate deeper into epidermal cells for maximum hair growth results.
  • Women concerned about hair loss
  • Women in any stage of thinning hair
  • Post-transplant patients who want to stimulate both transplanted and existing follicles for maximum hair growth

Shake well before use. Apply 10 pumps with the sprayer or 1 ml with the dropper directly on the affected area. Rub the liquid evenly. Wash hands with soap and water immediately after use. Apply this leave-on treatment to clean hair, free of styling product. Do not rinse after application. Use regularly as directed, without interruption, for optimal hair growth. For best results use Revita Shampoo & Conditioner to increase the efficacy of your treatment.
Formulated to produce faster hair growth results

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Clinical Studies
First and foremost, DS Laboratories is a technology company aggressively focused on innovation. All our products have active pharmaceutical ingredients that ensure the best quality and provide high added value in the care of hair problems.
Latest in Biotech Technology

DS Laboratories products feature our proprietary Nanosome Delivery System for the encapsulation and continuous release of active ingredients. This system delivers higher efficacy and longer lasting results.

This antiaging hair formula delivers women's thinning-hair prevention with key compounds to inhibit oxidation and seborrhea and to regulate growth factor. Research on alopecia areata, telogen effluvium, and other forms has resulted in this women's hair loss treatment.
5% Nanoxidil®
When applied topically, the compound is believed to stimulate hair follicles by opening ion channels, and prolonging the anagen phase.
To increase hair density, this key compound mimics ion-channel openers like minoxidil. It inhibits perifollicular fibrosis, in which collagen at the roots becomes rigid, common in alopecia.
A double-layered biomimetic peptide with eight amino acids, octapeptide-2 promotes hair growth by activating stem cells within follicles to grow hair longer and thicker and reduce graying.
Malus domestica fruit cell culture
Stem cells derived from certain apples are shown to extend the ability of stem cells from mature human epidermis to regenerate the skin, scalp, and hair follicles, and to slow the signs of aging.
This anti-inflammatory agent works for hair regrowth through biochemical processes like energy transfer and signal transduction. To treat male pattern baldness, it regulates the expression of growth factors in dermal papilla cells.
Copper tripeptide-1
As a potent anti-inflammatory and remodeling agent, this amino acid group enhances healing. Studies find that copper peptides decrease hair loss and increase transplant success.
Zinc Gluconate
This mineral has treated hair loss in patients with telogen effluvium and alopecia areata due to zinc deficiency. Zinc enables important functions in the hair follicle and accelerates recovery.
Used in Chinese traditional medicine, ginseng root supports hair growth by helping to stimulate the scalp, prolong follicle life, reduce hair loss, and encourage hair regrowth.
Lecithin is one of the key building blocks of the membranes inside and outside of every cell. It is beneficial for thin, dry and brittle hair.
Biotin is a B vitamin that helps the body convert nutrients into energy. It’s involved in the synthesis of fatty acids and glucose and is one of the building blocks of thick, healthy hair.
Rooibos tea has been shown to help increase hair growth, prevent hair loss and add brilliant shine.
Niacinamide is a form of vitamin B3, an essential nutrient that supports many cellular processes. It also plays an important role in preventing inflammation.
Ornithine is a key enzyme in the synthesis of polyamines, and has recently been shown to promote hair growth, improve strength, and reduce early onset hair loss.
Stem Cells Extract
Stem Cells Extract is a form of active plant cell technology. Stem Cells Extract increases the lifespan of hair follicles and encourages the hair to remain in the anagen phase longer, thus promoting increased strength and health.
Soy Protein
Hydrolyzed soy protein helps repair the lash structure, adding volume and thickness to your lashes, while adding shine.
Helps to improve blood supply to the roots of the hair and encourages hair growth with capillary microcirculation.
Lactic acid
Lactic acid helps restore strength and elasticity to hair by altering the ionic charge of its molecules.
Nanodome advanced
Advanced Nanosome Delivery System encapsulates key active ingredients and delivers them to the scalp and skin for a prolonged release and higher efficacy.
Good for you,
Good for the planet
We take our commitment to the environment seriously, both in our products and our packaging. To that end, we recently introduced Oxo-biodegradable packaging. It's the same great product, with 90% less waste.
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