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Lash & Brow Kit

Spectral.LASH + Spectral.BROW

Spectral.LASH is topical care designed to treat deficiencies in length, quality, and density of eyelashes. A clinically-tested dermatological treatment that utilizes the most innovative advances in biotechnology for eyelash growth; this is a revolutionary formula that delivers thick, beautiful lashes. 

Spectral.BROW is designed to stimulate eyebrow growth. Spectral.BROW not only enhances the appearance of thickness, but it also improves the health and quality of the hairs that grow. Spectral.BROW leverages DS Laboratories’ proprietary ingredient Nanoxidil®, which we specifically designed to stimulate hair growth, without the negative side-effects of Minoxidil.

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    About Spectral.LASH:

    Everyone wants thick, natural, dark lashes that don't have to be coated in layers of mascara or false lashes each morning. Fortunately, Spectral.Lash is here to deliver it. A gentle formula that promotes rapid hair growth along the lash line, Spectral.Lash is the best new addition to your morning routine.

    About Spectral.BROW:

    Spectral.BROW works by combining the most potent natural ingredients with cutting-edge eyebrow thickening technology to offer you a complete solution for achieving your eyebrow density goals. Spectral.BROW makes your eyebrows thick and beautiful through a number of mechanisms:

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